How to Set a Picture as Background of New Tab Page in Google Chrome?

Now the new tab page of the Google Chrome browser displays a Google search bar at the center of the page. Below the search bar, it shows an option to add your favorite URL’s as shortcuts to the new tab page so that you can easily open your favorite websites easily and quickly.

Set a Picture as Background of New Tab Page

However, to change the default white background of Chrome’s new tab page users had to use third-party extensions. But fortunately, you no longer need to use an extension to easily set a custom picture as Chrome’s new tab page background.

Now, Google Chrome allows you to choose one of the curated pictures directly from Google, or you can also be able to set your pictures as net tab background pictures.

Below the procedure is given which can help you in how to set the background of new tab page in Google Chrome.

Steps to Set a Picture as Background of New Tab Page in Google Chrome

Here is the complete guide of how to set a picture as Background of new tab page in Google Chrome. But before following the instruction remember that if you follow the instruction in the given series, then it prevents you from errors and also take your less time. Here how to it:

  1. Click to open the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Then, click to open a new tab page.
  3. Once a page is loaded, click on the small gear/settings icon located at the bottom left side of the page.
  4. After clicking on the gear/settings icon will automatically open a small flyout which has options to customize the new tab page.
  5. To choose any one of the available backgrounds, you need to do this:
  6. Click on the Chrome backgrounds.
  7. Then, click on the Category.
  8. After that, choose a picture.
  9. Press the Enter key.

However, there are multiples of beautiful backgrounds available; you have to choose one from all of them. It also provides you with some solid background colors. And if you would like to set your own pictures as Chrome new tab page background, then, you have to click on the Upload an image option, then browse to the picture file options and then, click on the Open button to set it as the background picture of a new tab page.

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